Welcome to the Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency
Michael Holgate

Author & Creative Performance Education Specialist, JAMCOPY affiliate since 2014

Author, Creative Performance Education Specialist

It is always a wonderful thing to have your intellectual property rights protected. With JAMCOPY I feel valued, appreciated and satisfactorily remunerated for the long-term investment of my creative intellect and imagination.

Angella Williams
Angela Williams

Author, JAMCOPY affiliate since 2005

JAMCOPY affiliate since 2005

Over the years, JAMCOPY has invested a lot of knowledge into my life through their many factual and informative workshops and seminars. I now know more of what it means to be an Affiliate and copyright Rightsholder.

Kayon Raynor

Sports journalist/columnist, JAMCOPY affiliate since 2010

JAMCOPY affiliate since 2010

JAMCOPY serves as a protector of my copyright which is why I joined. They help to ensure that no one uses my work without permission and financially benefit from it.

Esther Tyson

Author, JAMCOPY affiliate since 2014

JAMCOPY affiliate since 2014

I am so thankful to JAMCOPY for putting in place a system whereby writers can be compensated for the work they have done. I am appreciative of their efforts.

Clinton Chisholm
Clinton Chisholm

Author, columinist, JAMCOPY affiliate since 2011

JAMCOPY affiliate since 2011

Since receiving my first royalty cheque from JAMCOPY, it is beyond controversy that JAMCOPY has been the greatest stimulus to my literary output. I remain grateful to JAMCOPY.

Marcia Forbes

Author, JAMCOPY affiliate since 2012

JAMCOPY affiliate since 2012

JAMCOPY inspires hope that Jamaican authors and others can and do benefit from our publications. JAMCOPY, our own Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency, makes me proud to know that Jamaica is managing and promoting respect for intellectual property.

Rosina Moder

Musician, Music Educator, JAMCOPY affiliate since 2004

Musician, JAMCOPY affiliate since 2004

Jamaica is blessed with many outstanding creative talents, however there are not enough organizations to unify those, and at the same time protect their artistic output. JAMCOPY offers us all this very needed protection and I am very grateful to be an affiliate of this organization.

Christine Randle

Managing Director, Ian Randle Publishers, JAMCOPY affiliate since 2002

JAMCOPY affiliate since 2014

Ian Randle Publishers’ relationship with JAMCOPY has been a collaborative and mutually beneficial one. JAMCOPY’s network of international reproduction rights organisations has expanded the reach and availability of our books while protecting the integrity of our authors' intellectual property. In the worldwide knowledge-based economy, JAMCOPY has proved to be an invaluable partner.

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The Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency is Jamaica’s national Reproduction Rights Organisation (RRO) and Collective Management Organization (CMO) for copyright for copyright in text and image-based published works. JAMCOPY provides a centralised, easy and affordable mechanism through which creators and publishers can manage their exclusive right to authorize the reproduction of their works by users.


Events & Notices


Here is a list of services we provide to Jamaican content creators and publishers

Provides licences

Provides licences

Provides licences to members of the public to use copyright materials in printed form.

Collects & distributes royalties

Collects & distributes royalties

Collects and distributes royalties earned through licensing.

Provides opportunities

Provides opportunities

Provides opportunities for creators and publishers to network, receive industry updates, and skills training.

Promotes public education

Promotes public education

Promotes public education about the need to respect copyright and comply with the law.



Represents the interests of creators and publishers through collaboration with other stakeholders.

Pursues legal redress

Pursues legal redress

Pursues legal redress on behalf of creators and publishers to prevent copyright infringement.

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