Welcome to the Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency


Jamaicans from all walks of life make unauthorised copies of copyright materials as do large institutions such as educational institutions, businesses, libraries and copy shops.  Educational institutions prepare anthologies and course-packs for classroom use. Companies use copies in research, administration, training, marketing and sales.

Under the Jamaica Copyright Act 1993, creators and publishers have the exclusive right to decide when and how their work is reproduced; whether it is by photocopying, scanning, faxing, micro-filming, downloading or any similar process. If you wish to copy from any copyright material published in printed form (e.g. books, magazines, journals and newspapers) you need the permission of the copyright holder or a JAMCOPY licence.

Locating copyright owners can be time-consuming and expensive. A JAMCOPY Licence provides an affordable and convenient way to obtain permission to reproduce copyright material, so you don't have to worry about infringing someone's copyright.  It gives users the security of knowing that they are making legal copies, as long as they stay within the boundaries of the licence. By taking a JAMCOPY Licence you ensure that creators and publishers are fairly compensated for the use of their work.  

It also saves you time and money and simplifies the permission process by allowing you to copy from a vast number of publications. 

Types of Licences

comprehensive (or blanket) licence provides advance permission for copying from a wide range of publications.  This kind of licence typically granted to a designated institution or group of individuals and is ideal for institutional users of copyright material e.g. educational institutions, businesses and non-profit organizations. In return for licence fees, permission is granted to copy specified portions of works for use within the licensed organisation.

Click here for a sample of a licence for a tertiary institution.

Transactional licences provide convenient copying permissions for one-time or infrequent copying. Licences are issued in advance for one-time use only for copying of specified portions of specific works and fees are calculated on a per-page basis.

Restrictions of the Licence

Unless permission is granted by the copyright owner, JAMCOPY will not knowingly authorize copying for partisan public political activities or for endorsement or advertising. In addition, copying under a licence is not permitted from:

  • unpublished works
  • any materials intended for one-time use (e.g. workbooks, examination papers)
  • commercial newsletters
  • originals of artistic works (including photographs or prints)
  • works specifically excluded by a copyright owner

Depending on the type of licence, the number of copies that can be made will usually be limited to one copy for each student, library user or employee, together with a reasonable number for teaching, supervisory or control purposes.  By copying within the limits of a JAMCOPY licence, you feel confident that you are meeting your obligations under the law.